Anti-Bacterial Hoof Clay
Anti-Bacterial Hoof Clay
Anti-Bacterial Hoof Clay

Anti-Bacterial Hoof Clay

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Made using natural ingredients, The Alchemist’s Garden Hoof Clay contains a powerful blend of Green French Clay, Essential Oils and Natural Fibres which when packed will hold in the place of wall cracks, old nail holes, hoof wall separation and in the sulcus of the frog. 

Hoof Clay is ideal for use on both shod and barefoot horses. Ideal for those transitioning to barefoot and to eliminate the potential for bacterial and fungal infections.


TOP TIP: for extra packing impact and staying power for deeper, larger holes,  combine Hoof Clay with cotton wool. 

All the ingredients are natural and chosen for their healing and protective properties.

Directions of use: For Maximum effect, apply to a clean, dry hoof and allow to harden before ridden work or turnout. Please patch test before use. For external use only.

Ingredients: Green French Clay, Aqua, Tea Tree Oil, Natural Fibres, Zinc Oxide, Lavender Oil



Directions of use: To be used topically on the hoof sole and frog areas. Will 'pack' into holes and cracks in the hoof to provide a barrier type support. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry before application. 

Disclaimer: Please patch test any product before use. Unless otherwise stated, products are not to be used internally or on open wounds.  

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