Natural Hoof Spray

Natural Hoof Spray

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The Alchemist's Garden Hoof Cleansing Spray!

Formulated with essential oils and Zinc Sulphate to eliminate and eradicate bacterial hoof infections. This thrush busting formula works to eradicate unhealthy bacteria. 

Zinc Sulphate is powerful healing agent which promotes the growth of new, healthy tissue while controlling acting as a powerful disincentive agent.  

Much less harmful than other peroxide and formaldehyde based products, which will kill off healthy bacteria. 

With the inclusion of essential oils such as Lemon eucalyptus and Peppermint. 


This product is packaged in a PLASTIC FREE container which is made from a sugar cane 'Bio-polymer'.

When sugar cane grows it absorbs Co2 in the atmosphere and therefor helps to reduce our carbon emissions. 

Directions for application

Apply to a clean and dry hoof, into hoof cracks and areas of infection. Specifically into the frog tissue for maximum effect. 

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