Equine Shampoo Bar
Equine Shampoo Bar

Equine Shampoo Bar

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One of the original products we launched, the Alchemist's Garden Shampoo bar is a natural alternative to our bottled shampoos. Totally plastic free, these small but mighty bars are ideal for scrubbing out stains and scurf.

They're super oily and ideal for giving your horse that clean gleam. 

Don't we just love a shampoo bar?

The Alchemists Garden Shampoo Bars are naturally formulated and are ideal for promoting scurf free skin and promoting healthy hair growth. They are totally free from nasty ingredients found in most shampoos such as SLS and they contain no harsh chemicals which strip the coat of its natural goodness, instead, they work to cleanse in a super healthy, eco friendly formula!

There are two AWESOME varieties of these bars currently available.


Neem & Rosemary Oil - Ideal for sweet itch sufferers and those with sensitive skin. The neem oil works to help combat itchy spots and deter flies and the rosemary oil is ideal for hair regrowth. 


*New for summer 2020!*

Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil - For super cleansing action to get rid of stubborn stains and removing dirt and scurf. 


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